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The 2023 Kelowna Heat Spring program will be up and running with information early December after the 2022 AGM is completed.  We will have details soon on all the divisions that will be operating this Spring season as well as the contacts for each team. 

There will be ID camps/evalautions running over the Christmas break for various teams so please touch base with the coaches/managers for your age group for more details and the Kelowna Heat will post all this information after the AGM as well.  

There will be a new 2015 team being formed this season with group ID skates being held between December 17th-31st.  It will consist of 2-3 ice times with players given a practice jersey plus on ice skills coach and game (approximately $75 TBD and email humphrey_14@hotmail.com ).  2014 tryouts for both AA & AAA will also be held between December 17th-31st with more details to come.  To register please email kelownaheat2014@gmail.com and if you are new to the program please add what level of hockey and team your son/daughter have played previously.

The Kelowna Heat Spring Hockey Club’s mission is to continue to foster participation in the great game of hockey, at an elite level, allowing each player, through their participation in the program, to enjoy a positive, character building sports experience, while creating a passion for the game. Since our beginning, the KHSHC has attracted some of the best players, coaches and volunteers our area has to offer. It is our goal to continue to keep highest standards of player development, while focusing on play not just practice. We have always been able to do this in a way that is affordable and transparent to all of our members.

The Kelowna Heat Spring Hockey Club believes that through the development of every individual player, each team benefits from their resulting depth, diversity, and cohesion. This produces a level of confidence that will bring success in a competitive hockey environment. Emphasis will be placed upon excellence, commitment, sportsmanship, discipline, personal development, skill development and team work. The individual conduct of board members, coaches, players and parents will be maintained to ensure a positive culture in which all can honour the sport, and exemplify an organization in which to be proud of.

Heat Blast Tournament

The 2023 Heat Blast Spring Hockey Tournament will be held over two or three weekends this year. Please reach out directly to team contacts in each age group to secure your spot!

Dates TBD - First weekend hoping for April 28th!

Royal LePage Place
2760 Cameron Rd, West Kelowna, BC V1Z 2T6

  • Divisions TBD
    • 2009-2015 Male
    • U9-U15 Female
Dates TBD - May 5th and May 12th weekends (confirming shortly)

Capital News Centre
4105 Gordon Dr, Kelowna, BC V1W 4Z1

  • Divisions TBD
    • 2009-2015 Male
    • U9-U15 Female

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